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Beginner riders are considered those who have been on snowmobiles a few times or never before. This is someone who has operated motorized vehicles in the past.


An intermediate rider is considered someone who rides a snowmobile casually, about 4-5 times a year. This is someone who is comfortable operating motorized vehicles.


Advanced riders are considered those who ride snowmobiles consistently and has ridden on mountains before.

2022 Polaris Slash 850 155 X 2.75

The all-new Matryx Slash features a short, tapered tunnel enables the sled to dig deeper in the snow without getting stuck, maintaining forward momentum and traction in the steepest, deepest conditions. 850cc 155 X 2.75


Advanced Riders

2022 Ski Doo Summit X 850 155 X 2.75

Designed with rider-influenced features to ride deeper snow, tighter trees and undiscovered adventure. The Summit X with Expert Package mates unprecedented deep-snow agility with game-changing Rotax power.


Advanced Riders

2022 Arctic Cat Riot X 800cc 146 X 2.6

Conquer any challenge with ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension.

Riot X offers unmatched versatility with available ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension and now with ATAC Adjustable-On-The-Fly suspension to handle trails and backcountry riding.


154” & 165″

Built for Big Air and Big Climbs, with ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Hardcore doesn’t flinch at big challenges or stiff competition. It conquers the backcountry with the revolutionary ALPHA ONE™ Single-Beam Rear Suspension and easily adjustable coil-over FOX® ZERO shocks.


2021 POLARIS AXYS RMK 850 163″

Immediate Response

The world’s best mountain sled is built to be the lightest and most rigid, making it incredibly responsive to rider inputs. This allows you to change direction and maneuver confidently in all conditions.


2019 HARDCORE M8000

The Hardcore model is aimed at competition hillclimb racers and the “big-hit” crowd.

For those riders who are exceptionally hard on their equipment, the Arctic Cat Hardcore model has reinforced suspension rail braces. It also comes equipped with coil-over FOX ZERO QS3 shocks up front and in the front track shock, and a FOX FLOAT 3 QSL rear track shock. This model is factory-prepped and race ready.


2019 M8000 ALPHA ONE

Revolutionary Single-Beam Rear Suspension for Mountain Dominance

The patented single-beam rear suspension on ALPHA ONE™ always draws a crowd. And that’s before it starts ruthlessly shedding snow to stay lightweight and effortlessly maneuver through any mountain run.


2015 M6000

2015 M6 narrowed up to 36”. Clutched and canned. Ready to ride.


2014 XF800

2014 XF 800 stretched to 153″. Clutched and canned. Ready to ride.


2022 Grand Touring Sport. 600cc Sport

The best experiences in winter are meant to be shared. With the Ski-Doo Grand Touring everyone can come along for the ride ensuring those memories of breathtaking views, and pristine trails are not a solo adventure.